Japan Motor Import can ship to virtually any address in the world.

We use the most reliable and safest shipping services to ship out your order. Once you have placed your order, it is shipped out the next business day by either UPS or Epic Express, fully insured with its tracking number provided to you.

In cases where an item is out of stock, on back order, or is a special order, we will notify you via email with an approximate ETA. Click here to find out how much your shipping will cost.

***Canadian shipping rates vary typically between ($100 and $200 CAD) +5% GST call 1-866-369-3330 for a precise shipping quote.***

For orders outside the USA and Canada please contact us.


Where We Ship

We ship to all locations in the continental United States, Hawaii, Alaska, Canada

Tracking number 

A valid tracking number will be emailed after shipping.

Online Tracking 

please go to WWW.DAYROSS.CA  (48 Lower states & Canada shipments).